Outline of iVDR Specifications

iVDRs are categorized as cartridge types and Drive Component.Specifications for the body shape, connector shape and interface specifications (signals, electrical characteristics, command set) have been standardized.

iVDR cartridge type

There are three iVDR cartridge types: Mini, Standard and EX. Each has both iVDR-S with SAFIA and iVDR versions.

iVDR Mini iVDR (Standard) iVDR EX

Note)The name of "iVDR Xtreme" has been changed to "iVDR EX" as of August 6th, 2009.

Note)In October 2009, iVDR (Standard type) was approved as international standard by the ISO/IEC* and released as the International Standard “ISO/IEC 29171”. We now can maintain compatibility among iVDR cartridges not only in Japan but also worldwide.

iVDR Drive Component

Unlike the cartridge type, the iVDR Drive Component does not have a sheath case and is designed to be used inside media equipment, although it is still removable. The iVDR Drive Component, which incorporates SAFIA, has three different-sized hard disks: 1.8 inch, 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch. It is designed to boost the capacity of embedded hard disks and enable digital TVs and hard disk recorders to remain up-to-date.

Type (examples)

[PHOTO]1.8-inch type, 2.5-inch type, 3.5-inch type



iVDR cartridge type
Type iVDR Mini iVDR(Standard) iVDR EX
Size(W×H×D) 80×10×67mm 80×12.7×110mm 80×18×126mm
Environment Shockproof More than 900G (not in operation)
Temperature -40 to +85ºC (recommended)
Interface Shape of connector 26pin iVDR original (common for iVDR and iVDR Mini)
Connector durability Connect/disconnect More than 10,000 times
Signal/Electrical specifications Serial-ATA
Identification method iVDR Device Identifier
Command set ATA6/7/8 + SAFIA Secure (iVDR-S)
HDD structure Tamper Resistant Module (TRM) in hard disk drive (iVDR-S)
iVDR Drive Component
Type 1.8-inch type 2.5-inch type 3.5-inch type
Form factor SFF-8111 SFF-8201 SFF-8301
Connector Serial-ATA
Connector method iVDR Device Identifier
Command set ATA6/7/8 + SAFIA Secure
Secure structure Tamper Resistant Module (TRM) in hard disk drive


iVDR specifications–the full picture

The diagram below shows the physical layer, interface layer, file system layer and application format layer of iVDR specifications. When all layers from the physical layer to the application layer are implemented, interoperation between digital TVs and audio equipment is possible.

iVDR Specification Layers and International Standardization


Design and specifications are as of July 1, 2016.