Privacy Protection Policy

The iVDR Consortium (the Consortium) recognizes that the proper protection of personal information is its social responsibility, and accordingly promotes the following.

  1. The Consortium assigns a responsible person in charge of personal information and manages the acquired personal information properly.
  2. The Consortium takes all necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent the acquired personal information being leaked, lost or damaged, and to secure the safety of such information.
  3. The Consortium may use acquired personal information only for the purpose of notification or release, or for a purpose that is clear when the information is acquired, except in the case where there is prior consent or where applicable laws and regulations permit.
  4. When confirmation or correction of personal information provided to the Consortium is necessary, the Consortium will respond in a suitable manner. Please contact the Consortium using the inquiry form.

Use of personal information

The Consortium uses personal information it has acquired in the following ways:

Personal information type Usage
1.Personal information of members ・Notification of events such as seminars and lecturers, and presentation, provision or introduction of services
・Regarding communication, cooperation and negotiation with members, the Consortium may provide such information to member companies and related organizations
2.Personal information of participants in events (seminars, lectures, press conferences and trade shows) ・Notification of events
・For research and analysis
3.Personal information collected from inquiries to the Consortium ・Notification of events such as seminars and lecturers
・Providing information on iVDR
4.Personal information acquired externally ・After obtaining approval from the outside source, the Consortium may use personal information for the above purposes

*For the convenience of its members and general users, links have been provided to the websites of the Consortium’s members or the third parties. However, the Consortium is not responsible for the content of these external websites, nor is it responsible for the way they handle personal information. Therefore, it is recommended that you read the personal information protection policy on such external websites before providing personal information.