Large-capacity recording media

One of the main features of the iVDR is its large recording capacity. The iVDR can record lengthy terrestrial digital high-definition broadcast* or BS digital HD broadcast programs**. An hour-long HD program requires some 8 to 11 GB*** of recording capacity. For example, one 1TB iVDR can record some 90 to 126 hours of HD programs without quality being lost. Furthermore, the capacity of hard disks incorporated in iVDRs is expected to increase year by year.

*ISDB-T: Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting - Terrestrial
**ISDB-S: Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting - Satellite
***When recording terrestrial digital HD broadcast or BS/CS digital HD broadcast programs with TS-mode HD quality.

Easy-to-carry iVDR cartridge type

The compact iVDR cartridge is easy to carry but has enough memory to store a complete media library.
iVDR cartridges measure 110 x 80 x 12.7 mm, compact enough to fit comfortably in the hand and is easy to carry. So a complete media library can be stored in a very small space.