Compatible with a number of devices

The iVDR format has been standardized by the iVDR Consortium, ensuring that equipment from all consortium members will maintain a high level of compatibility. Because iVDRs employ SAFIA* content-protection technology, which is compatible with all devices, they are particularly suited to the recording and playback of digital broadcasts.
Television sets that can be connected to an external hard disk drive are currently available. However, playback of video recorded on hard disk drive is only possible on the specific TV set from which the video was recorded. This video cannot be viewed on other makers’ TVs or another TV set with the same model number from the same manufacturer.
In October 2009, iVDR (Standard type) was approved as international standard by the ISO/IEC** and released as the International Standard “ISO/IEC 29171”. We now can maintain compatibility among iVDR cartridges not only in Japan but also worldwide.

*SAFIA: Security Architecture for Intelligent Attachment device. A content-protection technology for digital TV and digital audio media provided by the SAFIA License Group ( Certified by Japan’s Association for the Promotion of Digital Broadcasting ( as a “content protection method for removable recordable media usable with receivers” and defined in the Association for Radio Industries and Businesses ( and TR-B15 standards.

** International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission is a joint international standardization body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. It sets standards for various information technologies.

The iVDR Consortium has standardized specifications

Non-standard specifications Products made by the same manufacturer Even products with the same specifications are sometimes not compatible Different specifications make the products incompatible Products made by different manufacturers