High-speed data transfer

iVDR technology offers high-speed data transfer capabilities. Data transferring a one-hour terrestrial digital high-definition program from a built-in HDD to an iVDR takes about 7 minutes (ex. 9x speed) with the highest image quality (TS mode).

The charts below focus on two key parameters for iVDR and Blu-ray video recordings: recording time and data transfer rate. (Generally, each medium is used with applications that benefit from that medium's particular advantages. iVDR and Blu-ray discs can be used in complementary ways).

Comparison between iVDR and Blu-ray disc on max. data transfer rate

*Terrestrial digital broadcast (TS mode)
**As of June 2012. The iVDR data transfer rate refers to specifications for Hitachi Maxell's Cassette Hard Disk iV "M-VDRS1T.E"

The data transfer rates for BD-R and BD-RE refer to specifications available on Blu-ray disc vendor websites.