How to Join the Consortium

The iVDR Consortium accepts applications from related-hardware manufacturers, content providers, broadcasters, telecommunications operators and research and education institutions.


  • Membership is only available to individual companies.

Member Benefits

  Voting right General Meeting Product & Logo Technical specifications Working Group Reports Membership fee
Executive Member
500,000 JYEN
General Member
300,000 JYEN
N.P.O. Member*1

    *1 An applicant for an N.P.O. Member is limited to be a non-profit organization which shall be proved with an official document.
*2 Each N.P.O. Member have the limited right to develop and demonstrate the iVDR products (including iVDR logo) for its own research and evaluation purpose only.
*3 Each N.P.O. Member have the right to attend a Working Group and express their opinion on agenda items as an observer.
*4 Each N.P.O. Member will (a) contribute to a public promotion of iVDR including, a demonstration at a trade exhibition or an academic publication, and make a report of it to the Consortium, or (b) make a report on research or evaluation on iVDR to the Consortium.

Admission Procedures

  1. Fill out and send an application form to the iVDR Consortium Secretariat.
  2. An applicant will be sent the iVDR Consortium Code, Adopter’s Agreement (two copies) and membership fee invoice.
  3. The agreements should be signed in and returned one copy to the Secretariat with two business cards of the contact person.
  4. Membership fee payment should be made to the designated bank account. (Only Executive & General Member)
  5. After receiving the signed agreements and confirming payment, the Secretariat will send the applicant an ID and password.
Document Download  
iVDR Consortium Code (Original Japanese Version)
iVDR Consortium Code
[PDF:269KB] Revised on Oct.1,2016
iVDR Consortium Code(Reference English Version)
コンソーシアムの規約(iVDR Consortium Code)
[PDF:200KB] Revised on Oct.1,2016
Adopter's Agreement
Adopter's Agreement
[PDF:41KB] Revised on Sep.28,2011