About iVDR Specifications

  1. What iVDR specifications are available?
  2. What iVDR standards are available?
  3. What is the iVDR EX standard?
  4. Which cartridge standards are currently available?
  5. When were the standards established?
  6. Can iVDR use memory devices other than hard disks?
  7. What are the i/O standards?
  8. Is it possible for non-members to view an overview of the iVDR standards?

Q:What iVDR specifications are available?

A:The iVDR specifications are as follows:

  • Hardware Specifications
    • iVDR Drive Component
    • Standard type (International Standard “ISO/IEC 29171”)
    • EX type Cartridge
    • Mini type Cartridge
  • Interface Specifications
    • ATA
    • USB
  • File System Specifications
  • TV Recording Specifications
  • Audio Recording Specifications
  • Picture Recording Specifications
  • Loader Interface Guidelines

iVDR Consortium members can obtain all the above specifications (in English).


Q:What iVDR standards are available?

A:There are three standards: for cartridge type, Drive Component type and i/O cartridge.
There are three types of cartridge, depending on size: iVDR EX, iVDR (Standard) and iVDR Mini. As for the Drive Component type, form factors of 3.5-in., 2.5-in. and 1.8-in. have been standardized.


Q:What is the iVDR EX standard?

A:The iVDR EX is larger than the standard cartridge in order to improve impact resistance. Since its connector, width and guide rail are compliant with the iVDR cartridge standards, the iVDR EX slot can also be used with the iVDR (Standard).


Q:Which cartridge standards are currently available?

A:Two cartridge standards are available: iVDR (Standard) (iVDR-S and iVDR) and iVDR EX.


Q:When were the standards established?

A:In March 2002, Canon Inc., Fujitsu Limited, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Japan, Ltd., Phoenix Technologies K.K., Pioneer Corporation, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd, Sharp Corporation and Victor Company of Japan, Limited established the iVDR Consortium and created the first version of the “iVDR hard disk drive technical standards.” Since then, the contents have been rewritten and updated by iVDR Consortium members.


Q:Can iVDR use memory devices other than hard disks?

A:Yes, flash memory can also be used. iVDR standards do not limit the use of built-in memory devices.


Q:What are the i/O standards?

A:Port A (SATA) has been standardized, Port B (USB) interface connector pin assignment has been standardized, and device modules and software built into the iVDR cartridge have been standardized.


Q:Is it possible for non-members to view an overview of the iVDR standards?

A:Yes. Non-members can download Hardware Specifications free of charge. For details, please click here.