iVDR International Standardization (IS) Status

Background and purpose of International Standardization

(1)Changes in the international standardization environment
→ Increase in requests for and importance of international standardization

  • WTO and Agreement on TBT make international standards mandatory for buyers

(2)Strategic usage of international standardization
→ IS can be used to improve iVDR product operations in a number of ways:

  1. Promoting iVDR products and technology
  2. Gaining advantage in international procurement of iVDR products
  3. Boosting industrial competitiveness

iVDR International Standardization (IS) Activities

(1)IS Target

(2)International organization for standardization

  • JTC 1/SC 23/WG 6

(3)International Project Number

  • ISO/IEC 29171

(4)Status of IS Activities

  • December. 2008: CD and FCD registered.
  • April. 2009: FCD ballot approved.
  • July. 2009: FDIS registered.
  • August. 2009: FDIS ballot initiated.
  • October. 2009: FDIS approved for publication.    >>News Release
  • November. 2009: International Standard published.    >>more
  • February. 2010: Received "International Standard Development Award".    >>more

Past Activities and Schedules

October 2007
iVDR cartridge proposed to SC 23 (domestic).
Ad hoc committee established to begin review.
June 2008
NP (including WD) proposed to SC23 (international).
October 2008
NP approved by SC23 (international) and project number 29171 granted.
December 2008
SC23 plenary meeting and ad-hoc committee held in South Korea. iVDR cartridge registered as CD (CD29171).
WG6 established and FCD balloting begins.
April 2009
FCD ballot approved.
June 2009
The BRM of WG6 was not held. FDIS completed based on email discussion.
July 2009
FDIS registered for formal approval.
August 2009
FDIS ballot initiated: 2 months.
October 2009
FDIS approved for publication.    >>News Release
November 2009
International Standard published.    >>more
February 2010
Received "International Standard Development Award".    >>more
2010 and beyond
iVDR international standardization activities for upper layers and/or other iVDR hardware specifications are under reviewing.


  • Agreement on TBT:Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade
  • BRM:Ballot Resolution Meeting
  • CD:Committee Draft
  • FCD:Final Committee Draft
  • FDIS:Final Draft International Standard
  • IS:International Standard
  • JTC 1:Joint Technical Committee 1
  • NP:New work item proposal
  • SC:Subcommittee
  • WD:Working Draft
  • WG:Working Group
  • WTO:World Trade Organization